We are group of ordinary people who have witnessed suicide from various levels and want to do something about it. We are the DFL Crew and a bunch of great people creating a movement to naturalize the conversation of suicide and its affect on all of us. Help us push the conversation and Be the movement…


We just hang out and talk about life in a simple format and how we all deal with it. We do this in the DFL Garage with the DFL Crew and all kinds of cool guests we bring to the “Hot Seat” for conversations that relate to all of us from all walks of life while creating the movement to discuss suicide and its effects on all of us. The “Hot Seat” can feature anyone from the professional, racing, or sports communities. It can feature guests who ride in Roudy 19 and anyone who wants to discuss their own suicide journey. Drop us a line…help us push the conversation!


We are in Corona California, building Roudy 19 in the DFL Garage, but more important is our message is global. We are part of a movement to bring our message to a movement and help as many ordinary people really push the conversation. On so many levels we genuinely want to be part of a community of help and encouragement, give everyone a place to speak and discuss mental illness, depression and feeling alone. We are here to serve and help our communities on every level possible because we mean it. Hit us up and tell us your story!

17130 Van Buren Blvd, Suite 215
Riverside, Ca 92504

1-833-ROUDY19 (768-3919)
[email protected]