How we will help this cause  #;TellUsYourStory

With our partnership’s, we hope to reach millions through social media. With donations, sales of apparel and other sources we hope to have nationwide events where people will see and ride in “Project Roudy 19”. In addition, we will be donating money to such non-profit organization as the Suicide Prevention Hotline, Survivors of Suicide and the Trauma Intervention Program.


Kurt has brought more heart, soul, and drive to DFL than anyone in the entire organization! DFL is a family of passionate everyday people, founders, super-charged sponsors, and supporters who all saw and took Kurt’s incredible vision of DFL and suicide awareness.  Having the desire to normalize the conversation dealing with the reality and thoughts of suicide and simply runing with it!

Kurt’s unbelievable vision was to make the discussion of suicide as normal as we talk about drug and alcohol addiction or as simple as “hey dude, you wanta go grab a bite to eat?” and for that, we as the DFL family love it. The beauty is that anyone who meets Kurt and his team can completely relate to Kurt because of their genuineness. As Kurt openly brings his life’s story to open discussion, you will understand what everyone understands about Kurt. He’s a simple blue-collar guy who loves any type of racing, loves his ENTIRE family, and all who share his vision. Kurt’s background is years of construction and racing. He enjoys racing, boating, building (anything), camping, and just hanging out with people in his community. Often called “Good Sam” because he is naturally someone who wants to help anyone he can. The coolest part about Kurt is that he is the father of four kids, a passionate husband, and champion of the DFL cause, leading the campaign with his sons Robert and Tristan in tow on the ROUDY 19 HANGOUT podcast. As host of “ROUDY 19 Hangout”, Kurt leads the team down many lanes related to life among the youth and many “Hot Seat” guests to help talk about life as it relates to building ROUDY 19, stress, work, school, friends, and anything to push the conversation of suicide discussion, promoting the DFL cause to simply “Tell us your story.” Contact him at [email protected]


As the face of DFL, Robert is an incredible part of the DFL team and an amazing part of our journey. From Robert’s humble beginnings, he brings a genuine, simple and honest nature to everyone he touches. Robert is the coolest easy-going guy everyone knows and loves by just being Robert. From his ability to compete and win, to his love of animals and people in need, Robert has the heart of a true warrior and champion. The entire team chose him to lead DFL because has so many great qualities and therefore, ongoing in his life from academics, sports, relationships, and now as the face of DFL and primary driver of ROUDY 19, the team has a winner at the lead. Robert is currently serving our country as a US NAVY SeaBee. Contact him at [email protected]


Tristan is our team’s miracle…With the driest no-nonsense approach to life, Tristan is like living around a cartoon…He’s funny without knowing it. Drops the greatest one liner’s you never expected, and just leaves you dropped to the floor, without even trying…what a complete crack up!!! The beauty of Tristan is that he was born with brain tumor the size of a grapefruit in his melon at 15 months old. With an unexpected outcome, he underwent infant surgery and pulled the strength together to be with us today. Nothing stops this champ and it’s for this reason that all of us at DFL are so lucky to have this crazy character as part of the Roudy 19 party!