Our DFL Crew Podcast are here to help support our cause to push the conversation of suicide, prevention, openness and past experiences and build the movement to openly discuss suicide as openly as we discuss drug addiction or alcoholism. The DFL crew is all about relatable life discussions as it relates to all of us no matter who we are, while participating with the racing community in the journey to build Roudy 19. Join us be the movement with us and hit us up…we encourage you to tell us your story! #;TellUsYourStory


Check out Kurt (Punky), Robert (l’il Punky) and Tristan (“T”Dawg) as they traverse through this podcast and drive the topic of social awareness to normalize the conversation of suicide so its as normal a discussion as drunk driving, drugs or alcohol among our youth and anyone else affected by suicide. Kurt explains how this is a platform for EVERYONE no matter their age, gender or social status. Watch as they also discuss the progress with l’il Punky’s titanium bash bar for the star of the team “Roudy 19” as she gets closer to completion to drift the tracks to bring social awareness throughout the country. Be the movement. #;TellUsYourStory