Why Drifting4Life

Drifting For Life was created by a group of us in the racing and drifting community to bring social awareness to the horrific tragedy and out of control issue of suicide. With our team of racing professionals, mechanics, sponsors and survivors all gathering behind the passion of our cause. The entire “Roudy 19” drift team has dedicated themselves to raise the bar on the subject and create a natural normalized conversation about suicide awareness. “Roudy 19” is our drift car and the first project designed to draw a crowd of people within the racing and drifting community to help us discuss suicide and open up the communication for those in need of discussing their issues while contemplating, or healing from a suicide event. When “Roudy 19” is complete, we will have many events where random riders from submitted stories will get to actually drift! The “Roudy 19” team is building the car from a 2004 BMW E46/325i sedan with a LS swap, Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI and Vortech supercharger.  We will have a full cage with 4 race seats and 5-point harness to give youth drift rides and lessons.

Our passionate vision is that everyone will see, that to us, there are metaphoric signs in drifting. In our journey, we feel the drift smoke represents the dark side of suicide and the bad feelings present or created by life that can dissipate with help and discussion; just like the smoke dissipates in the air. We also feel the drift tracks represent the scars and history suicide leaves in victims, families, and the survivors of suicide events. We believe that these metaphoric signs cannot be hidden or removed but are and will be resonating reminders to all of us that suicide is real and should be discussed.

At drifting for life, it is our goal to help people be this new movement to get the message out to talk and or text about how people get to the place of suicide consideration, what they feel like in those moments and why they are considering suicide as a way of dealing with their stress; as well as hopefully help.

Our entire team of “Roudy 19” builders, mechanics, race instructors and sponsors encourage the movement to discuss openly without judgement how ANYONE CONSIDERING OR A SURVIVOR OF SUICIDE to be with us in this movement and share their experiences of themselves or a loved one that died from suicide. Come drift with the “Roudy 19” team in our movement and #;tellusyourstory!

The Roudy 19 Team!