Tell Us Your Story

In my opinion, it may be harsh, as a person who SERIOUSLY contemplated suicide when I was a young man, LET’S KEEP IT REAL.  Life is hard, not always fair, and as a matter of fact sucks at times.  Obviously, suicide is an option, it was FOR ME. However, after getting through those years, I thank God and my “Ana”, that I did not see it through.  I remember when I was young, I thought things were so hard, tough and a whole lot of bullshit… and they were TO ME.  They were huge, TO ME.  They were the biggest problems, TO ME.  They were real, TO ME.  So, let’s stop dismissing these things any try and use our experiences to help our fellow human beings through this epidemic of suicide in a different way.  I remember my Grandmother saying TO ME when I was a kid “Dollie, you young people have it much more difficult than we did when I was a kid, times were simpler back then.”  I sure thought times were tough, however now I am saying the SAME THING regarding our “young people” today.  Due so many circumstances, culture, society’s expectations, violence, and social media, I believe times are tougher for our younger generation than ever before.  This why we need to have the open discussions regarding suicide and suicidal thoughts with our younger generation on their terms and their social media platform.

Our ultimate goal at “Drifting For Life”, it is our hopeful to help people create this new movement to get the message out to talk and or text about how people get to the place of suicide consideration, what they feel like in those moments and why they are considering suicide as a way of dealing with the REAL issues they face; as well as hopefully help.

Our entire team of “Roudy 19” builders, mechanics, race instructors and sponsors encourage the movement to discuss openly without judgement how ANYONE CONSIDERING OR A SURVIVOR OF SUICIDE to be with us in this movement and share their experiences of themselves or a loved one that died from suicide. Come hang out and drift with the “Roudy 19” team in our movement.

If you feel it in your heart, please click the link below and share your story of how you may HAVE contemplated suicide, ARE contemplating suicide, LIVED through suicide, LOST someone who died from suicide or FELT about someone you have known who committed suicide.  You never know how YOUR story may prevent this tragic event from claiming another beautiful life.  Join us! Talk to us! Text us! Tell us your thoughts of suicide. Please begin with a “semicolon”; and TELL US YOUR STORY by filling out the form below!!! – Kurt Szalonek Co-Founder