Mikey Garcia

Mikey Garcia a five-division and welter weight title champion has elected to toss his name behind the DFL cause not only because he is racing fanatic, but because he has personally dealt with the unexpected tragedy of suicide in his own family. Mikey is a natural and passionate about helping to fight the cause of DFL and suicide prevention with his family and wife Fatima of eight years. In his own words… “In my career I’ve always sought to fight the best in boxing” and “I want to be known as one of the all-time greats and what better way to do that than to win a welterweight title and become a five-division world champion.” As a champion, along with Fatima and his family of three children, Mikey defends his idea to win as a champion and help DFL push the conversation of suicide so that it becomes a normal part of healing and helping anyone who has been through mental illness, living with a loved one with the thoughts of suicide or lived through the tragedy of suicide with a loved one.

The Birth Of Drifting For Life

The concept of this campaign and awareness platform grew out of the love of racing and the racing community/family.  I always knew as a former ASA short course circle track driver and NHRA drag racer, that through my love of anything to do with racing, competing, going fast, rowdy loud horsepower, smoking tires, would be the platform of giving back and making a difference one day.  On October 19, 2019, my sons and I attended our first Formula Drifting Competition.  read more


We encourage anyone or any organization open to help, willing to provide and or able to give on any level to reach out to us and become a Partner with us. We are always looking for organizations, guest speakers and resources to help our guests and visitors who need help. Reach out to us while we “push the conversation” of suicide prevention, mental illness and depression to build our movement!